Ca la Nuri

a life dedicated to the kitchen.

Nuri’s hands knead flour and water in her family’s bakery in Sant Fruitós de Bages when Jordi won her heart. It was 1952, both were young and had their sights set on the future. Eleven years later, Nuri and Jordi turned on the stoves in Barcelona, in Espronceda Street number 62, in the Poble Nou neighborhood. It was there where Ca la Nuri’s first stone was set, the first “xup-xup”. Bar Núria was the first step of an ongoing life journey.


bar núria

Being only 24 years old and with no training in the hospitality sector, Nuri led the kitchen in Bar Núria. She had learned how to cook with her mother and grandmother. Jordi was in charge oftaking care of the clients and the dining room. Nevertheless, Nuri always liked to have a chat with the clients. It was a local bar in the neighborhood with pleasant and relaxed atmosphere where people played dominoes. Bar Núria maintained a traditional culinary line; dishes like soups, tapas, macaroni (one of the best in Barcelona, said by some customers), “fricandós”, stewed beans… were the protagonists. Both Nuria and Jordi were practically living at the bar spending over 12 hours of work a day.



After a few years in Poble Nou, Nuria and Jordi wanted to give a little twist to their business and moved to the Eixample neighborhood, where they opened the Bar Salamero, at the Aragó Street. It was a smaller establishment without kitchen but Núria used the griddle to prepare dishes and sandwiches with the same talent as in Bar Núria, highlighting the great bikini sandwich for its simplicity.


Ca la Nuri

Bar Salamero was destined to be one more step to definitely create Ca la Nuri. Jordi’s and Nuria’s sons had soaked up the work of their parents for many years. One of them, Ricard, proposed to offer fried fish and seafood tapas and to rename the bar: Ca la Nuri. The move was a great success, Nuri started to prepare rice and “fideuà” and the Bar in Aragó Street soon became too small.


Terra Ca la Nuri

Ca la Nuri’s gastronomic line consolidated in the restaurant Ca la Nuri Eixample, now called Terra Ca la Nuri (meaning Ca la Nuri Earth). Jordi, one of the sons, found an establishment in Street Consell de Cent, 377. It was bigger and the kitchen allowed a better work space. They soon added more dishes to the menu: mussels, lobster with onions, grilled cockles amongst many others; a simple but delicious seafood tapas cuisine. Ca la Nuri Terra maintains the original roots from Ca la Nuri but it also introduced traditional roots of Catalan cuisine with dishes like cennelloni with grilled chicken, bechamel and cheese or veal stew with seasonal mushrooms.


Platja Ca la Nuri

Ricard loved biking along the beach at Barceloneta, one of the nicest areas in Barcelona. One morning while biking he saw an available establishment in front of the Hospital del Mar, right on the beach. After renovating it and naming it Ca la Nuri Platja (meaning Ca la Nuri Beach), Nuri took her apron and went down to the beach to look at the waves while she cooked. Jordi stayed in Ca la Nuri Terra until they both retired. Nuri retired 4 years ago, right after reaching the age of 70, leaving an excellent gastronomic mark, fine products and good service. In 1963 the first rice grain was put into the pan and now the mountain has grown. Ca la Nuri has become a reference brand in Barcelona, ​​with its two restaurants, Ca la Nuri Platja and Ca la Nuri Terra. Bon appétit!


Xiroi Ca la Nuri

The small child of Ca la Nuri is bor, he has a happy, fun and joyful temperament. We want this new place to be your place to spend a great time with fresh cuisine, a wide offer of cocktails and good music, enjoying its unbeatable location facing the sea. Ca la Nuri has become a landmark in Barcelona, with its three restaurants, both the Ca Ca Nuri Land, Ca la Nuri Beach and the Xiroi Ca la Nuri. Bon Appetit!


Arrozal Ca la Nuri

New goals for the family, which disembarks in the logistics area of Barcelona’s port. The challenge now is bringing the gastronomy of Ca la Nuri closer to the workers of the hundreds of companies that operate there. Arrozal becomes an oasis of calm, where you can feel comfortable in the midday break and savor paellas and a wide selection of dishes cooked on the grill.


Sal Mar

We are lovers of our coasts, this is why Sal Mar is also located on the Barceloneta beach. It offers a dreamy terrace on the sand where you can savor delicious tapas and paellas, but also other recipes with a touch of fusion and a younger and more cosmopolitan personality. All designed to enjoy a meal in good company and disconnect with long table talks by the sea.